No person I know feels ready to go back to what will be the NEW normal. I'm not saying that there’s no will to go back, simply that it will really be hard work to try to live with the new directives and rules… I decided to dedicate this series to my body and all the things (negative or not) learned and embraced during this period. Which surely I will carry on with me into this new chapter.. Let's say, maybe I just wanted to emphatasize the good (I could have drunk a few less glasses of wine). But I am extremely grateful to have had time for myself, to find that lost loneliness (which is now such a good friend), to acquire good habits and to know and explore my mind better.

The list could be endless. But for now I will stop here.

And you? Any Loss or Gain?
During this quarantine I've decided to give myself little briefs. 
The first one I gave myself was to create a series of poster with as theme some of the innumerable and crazy theories that we've heard about Corona Virus and its nature. It is meant to be a fun project, nothing real or that I believe in, just some fun work to keep me going :)!
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